Hello World!

Evan Markowitz       Sep 1, 2015

A whole new world

Welcome to Evan’s World. My name is Evan Markowitz, but most of the internet knows me as techkid6. I use the internet like most people my age, but I like doing stuff on it. I figured making a website (finally) would probably be a good start.

How did you make this…. world?

I’m glad you asked. The site is generated with Jekyll, which is a static site generator written in Ruby. Posts are written using Markdown using gedit but soon I will be switching to an editor called Prose. Finally, all of the raw content is hosted in a git repository which is both local and on GitHub in a private repository (though eventually I hope to make everything public) (the repository is public now, click here) while the site itself is hosted on my chestnut server, proudly hosted by DigitalOcean. Now that I got all of the information on literally exactly how this site is run out of the way, lets talk content.

So you’re just a cat photo dealer, then?

No. Most of what will be on here is a mixture of personal insight, tech news and chitter-chatter, and anything else that happens. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t occassionally post cute cat photos, so don’t you worry!

What’s next?

My next post will most likely feature the behind the scenes and how I built the site, from ideas to finished product, so stay tuned for that! Besides that, there will be changes overall as little bugs get squashed, if you find anything out of place, please use the issue tracker to let me know.